EV Car Charger


Input Voltage 3 Phase
Output Voltage 150VDC
Brand Powertron
Model No. PIPL-100KEV
Usage/application E Vehicle Charging
Indication Display Touch Screen
Type Electric
Approx. Price Rs 12.6 Lakh / Number

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Number


Voltage Type 3 phase
Line Voltage Vac 380
  Frequency (HZ) 45-55
AC Input Power Factor 0.99
  Current THD value <5%
Input undervoltage protection value (V) 323+5V
DC Output Nominal output voltage (V) 400/700
Output Current (A) 200A
Regulation accuracy <0.5%
steady current accuracy <1%
Ripple Peak factor <0.5%
The output voltage range (V) 350-750V
Short circuit current (A) <30A
Output Power 100kW
Mechanical indicators packaging Wooden packing
Dimensions (WXHXD) *
System Weight <250Kg
protection grade IP54
-25°C: to +50°C
Protective Function Short circuit protection/ Over temperature protection / Over-voltage / Under-voltage
protection/ Communication failure
BMS Communication CAN2.0 [CHAdeMO]/
PLC [Combo]
Cooling Forced Ventilation
Display LED: 7 inch Touch Screen
LCD: 3 Color LED lights - status indicator
User Recognition RFID card
DC Plugs CHAdeMO and CCS combo 2