Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Price : INR 85,000.00 / 1 Piece(s)


Input Voltage 3 Phase
Output Voltage As specified (Eg. 400 V/415 V + 1%, 4 Wire, 50 Hz, Balance)
Type 3 Phase
Phase Three Phase
Power 50KVA
Input Voltage Range As Specified (Eg. 300V To 470 V; 4Wire, 50Hz, Unbalance)
Input Supply Frequency 45Hz To 55Hz
Voltage Regulation + 1%
Rate of Correction Usually 25V/ SEC/Phase but depends on rating
Efficiency Better than 97 %
Waveform Distortion Nil
Effect of Load Power Factor Nil
Amibient Tempreture 0-50°C Max